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Phone: 713-358-9055

Greetings From Air Share Texas!
We at Air Share Texas would like to introduce you to a new and exciting shared aircraft ownership program. Due to the economic status of the country, the aviation industry is one that is experiencing the greatest impact and as a result, has fostered new aircraft ownership and partnership opportunities.

As an interested aircraft owner or existing owner/operator, you can now take advantage of the low unprecedented costs of private/corporate aircraft ownership.

We have the resources from start to finish and the vehicle to drive aircraft ownership and operation into your personal or corporate requirements.

Please advise us if you are interested in our program as an existing aircraft owner or seeking new ownership in the industry. We will provide you information on costs of operation, current capital outlay requirements and, if necessary, restructuring your existing ownership.

We would appreciate the opportunity to get together with you and explain what we have to offer.

Our executives and operational personnel bring decades of experience to your operation in the form of sales, acquisitions, and aircraft management to give you peace of mind when you fly.